International Development Trade Company (IDTC) after so many experiences in exporting Iranian products, has found one of the main and essential reasons of development in exporting products is lack of professional and specialized source of exporting in various languages, which on one hand will be able to present Iranian products and services efficiently, properly and scientifically to all global markets specially region markets. And on the other hand present other products from other countries to Iranian markets.

IRKASH Group is an Iranian company emphasis on development and execution of export and import. Business processes in the IRKASH Group are based on a structured system. This company after one year market researching, examining global markets and focusing on the need of finding this source, has approached to design and build this site.

The main priority in this structure, which is designed on the basis of experience gained from the activities conducted since the establishment of the group, is the identification of the needs of customers in every product domain that defined into the company.

Since establishment in 2017, IRKASH Group has been involved in more than several year experience into export and import as theoretical and with executive team with take e several workshop and international certificate in commercial connection and business management.

Basically the subcategory of IRKASH production is shared into five part like minerals material, construction, food and drink and the last in house furniture.

We hope by designing this specific and specialized website as a useful source for business and trading, help all industrial, agricultural and business men to provide variety information and lead them to achieve their goal in global markets and also provides a great opportunity for other overseas companies to reach Iranian markets for presenting their products.